Director of Operations


Employment Opportunity

Key Accountabilities and Scope:

The Director of Operations is responsible for the management, administration and delivery of all Nation programs and services in order to ensure that the needs of IIFN members are met in a reasonable effective and efficient manner.  Reporting to the Chief and Council, the Director of Operations will oversee all day-to-day operations of IIFN, ensuring that all activities are conducted in a respectful way and that decisions and actions meet relevant legislation, policies and procedures.

The Director of Operations is accountable for overseeing the delivery of all IIFN programs, including health, education, housing, social development, and administration etc.  The Director of Operations also acts as a liaison between other government agencies and departments, and groups operating in the community.  The Director of Operations must provide records and documents to the relevant governments and agencies, when requested.  He/she must also ensure that all business and operations are conducted in a responsible and ethical way.

Main Duties:

Leads and manages the operations and delivery of programs and services (finance, administration human resources, information technology/systems) for IIFN citizens by:

  • Reporting to and liaises closely with the Chief and Council on matters pertaining to IIFN administration, finance, operations and delivery of IIFN programs and services.
  • Participating and contributing to the multi-year Strategic Plan of IIFN by providing information options, advice and recommendations

Overseeing administrative services, operations and delivery of IIFN programs and services and performing quality assurance reviews to identify gaps and areas for improvement

  • Supervising and providing direction and support of IIFN management and staff
  • Ensuring that the strategic priorities and decisions of IIFN are incorporated into Department strategic plans and annual work-plans and are effectively implemented and successfully managed
  • Attending meetings of Chief and Council to provide updates on IIFN administration, operations, programs and services as requested
  • Serving on the Financial Management Committee, leads in the annual budget cycle and ensures that annual Department budgets are effectively planned, developed, managed and accurately reported on in a timely manner
  • Overseeing the development of IIFN legislation, regulations, policies and procedures
  • Ensuring that Personnel Policies and Procedures and Safety Policies and Procedures are developed. Implemented and enforced
  • Manage Human Resources on serious personnel complaints/issues
  • Overseeing the development, implementation and maintenance of organizational and departmental Records Management Systems
  • Attending meetings with or on behalf of the Chief and Council
  • Approving or recommends IIFN contracts-for-service as applicable
  • Representing IIFN during liaisons with other First Nations/Organizations. Federal and Government Departments/Officials, Agencies, Boards and Committees and the private/corporate sectors
  • Performs other related duties as required

Direction/Decision Making:

The Director of Operations actively participated in the Strategic Planning process, oversees IIFN administration, operations and delivery of IIFN programs and services, providing direction of IIFN Program Managers.  Director of Operations exercises significant independent judgment when providing advice and options to Chief and Council, where issues fall outside of regulatory frameworks, and in resolving problems, ranging from day to day issues to long term organizational and community needs and challenges.

Impact and Accountability:

The Director of Operations carries a significant impact on the Organization’s ability to; achieve its goal and objectives of meeting strategic priorities of IIFN Government and delivering quality programs and services to the community.  This position impacts the financial resources of IIFN, organizational and community wellness, the social capacity development, infrastructure of the community and the management of IIFN lands, natural heritage and cultural resources.

Experience and Educational Requirements:

  • Post-secondary degree in a related discipline ie., Business Management, Finance;
  • A minimum of 5 years of directly relevant experience at a senior staff or political level;
  • Extensive and demonstrated leadership, organization and management skills, including directing and motivating staff, planning, organizing, prioritizing and scheduling work assignments and special projects
  • Excellent verbal, written and communication skills and the ability to interact professionally and effectively a the most senior levels of governments;
  • Demonstrated superior tact, diplomacy, judgement, discretion and decision making
  • Demonstrated strategic and analytical critical thinking abilities;
  • Experience and knowledge of regional, federal and provincial government programs, services and policies
  • Financial management and budgeting experience;
  • Knowledge and interpretation of applicable legislation;
  • Significant knowledge and understand of IIFN member communities, cultures, traditions, issues and protocols;
  • Proven ability to lead initiatives and negotiations from planning to execution and follow up;
  • Written and verbal communication skills, including effective public relation and public speaking skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to prepare high level reports, policies, contracts, proposals, etc.;
  • Proficient in computerized systems (e.g. MS, Word, Excel);
  • Must be bondable
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and access to personal vehicle;
  • Must have the ability to travel;
  • Must be willing to work flexible hours to meet the needs of IIFN.

Salary: Will commensurate with experience and education

Along with their resume and cover letter applicants must submit a cover letter.  Applicants must submit a current criminal record check and three (3) references with at least one (1) from their last place of employment.  The application must be submitted by:

Deadline:                                  November 10, 2020

Interviews:                               November 16, 2020

Start Date:                                November 30, 2020

Salary:                          Based on qualifications and experience

Please submit your resume with cover letter along with 3 references to:

Donna Woloschuk Human Resources Manager

Iskatewizaagegan No. 39 Independent First Nation

P.O. Box 1, Kejick Post Office

Kejick, ON

P0X 1E0


Miigwetch to all who apply.  Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.